Why Choose A Holiday Villa Rental?

Let’s say it. Hotels can often conclude making a vacation more frustrating than relaxing.  Slim walls, insufficient privacy, overcrowded shorelines and swimming pools, no kitchen and endless extra fees.  That’s where St Martin Private Villa Rentals will come in.  We’ve been helping holiday creators find luxury ocean-front accommodations since 1970 so they can spend less, live good and make themselves feel right at home.

At St Martin Private Villa Rentals, we’ve come up with the most notable reasons to lease any occasion villa rather than a hotel room because we wish you to really have the best vacation possible:

Cost Savings

St Martin Private Villa Rentals have a tendency to be cheaper than a hotel room because you can lease weekly rather than by the day.  Considering the space and amenities available like a full kitchen, private pool, on-site laundry and the feeling to be in a home away from home, vacation villas area great affordability.


Having a hard time choosing whether to reserve an area with a ruler bed, two queens or a collection? You really don’t have to be stressed about it. At St Maarten Private Villa Rentals, you can hire a whole villa with multiple rooms and pay a lower average nightly rentals that you would at a hotel. Let St Maarten Private Villa Rentals help you make arrangements for finding the best villa available within your budget and property requirements.  Bring the whole family down or reserve a romantic getaway for two, we have 70+ lodging options that will make sure to meet your vacation needs.


Visiting with family and kids is never easy, and the strain of eating out for every food can be costly with small children.  Any occasion villa is the perfect option that can make everyone happy and keep cash in your wallet so you can spend it on other activities like a wonderful trip to St Maarten city!

When comparing cost of eating out, the average room service food will run you about US$35 or up to US$60 including gratuity for supper at an area restaurant.  Make meals it yourself within your own kitchen or on the outdoor barbeque for a family group of 4, and spend typically US$15 each. You also have the versatility of eating out when you wish or ordering take-out on those sluggish nights when you want to place your ft up.

Breakfast, lunch, meal or even afternoon cocktails, residing in a villa can save you a huge amount of money and allow for flexible kitchen options so you can make your vacation your own. More details in this post: http://www.carolinascoastalhomes.com/st-martin-premier-caribbean-island/


Hotels can be quite limited and congested with conference organizations, holiday creators and family functions.  Without loud neighbors, private outdoor space and the ultimate space for leisure, you will experience a more enjoyable trip and value for money by renting a villa.

Many of our homes are the convenience of a sizable pool with sunlight loungers, secluded beaches with quick access to snorkeling right off the back porch and amazing views that are only possible in one of our St Maarten Private Villa Rentals.  You don’t need to fight other friends for a primary I’m all over this the beach when you yourself have the whole house to yourselves.

No covered costs

Did you just hear the concierge appropriately?  You will see a charge for bottled water, energy surcharges, and access to the internet fees, towel fees and a vacation resort fee for daily of your visit!  They are just a several pesky fees that hotels are tacking to travelers’ bills after checkout, adding up to an impressive US$80+ each day.

At St Maarten Private Villa Rentals we believe in no concealed costs and that means you get best value for money which means you have the vacation you deserve.

Instead of staying in an ordinary hotel room this vacation, take your loved ones on a journey that they will truly remember.  Our St Maarten Private Villa Rentals Concierge team would be happy to help you every step of just how.

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